Region of Chania
Combining beaches and mountains, the beautiful Chania city and small traditional villages, it has many things to offer to its visitors.

Souda Bay Crete
A very picturesque bay, a great natural harbour and a place of strategic importance through history.

Akrotiri Crete
A peninsula close to Chania city, with beautiful beaches and magnificent centuries-old monasteries

Old City of Chania
The melting pot of Venetian, Ottoman and Jewish architectural styles, and an experience hard to forget.

Venetian Harbour of Chania
A masterpiece of its kind, a melting pot of civilizations, and a unique place in the entire world.

Koum Kapi
An especial corner of Chania city

A select, aristocratic quarter of Chania city

Rodopou Peninsula
An isolated hidden treasure of nature in Northwest Crete

Gramvousa Peninsula and Island
An interesting, unusual place in Northwest Crete you should discover yourself

An ancient city-state of great power, in a location offering excellent view to two seas of Crete

A picturesque monastery at Southwest Crete with a timeless charm

An ancient city in South Crete with notable history

A prominent city of ancient Crete

Sfakia, Crete
Mountains, beaches and people of great uniqueness

Crete, Lefka Ori
A mountain range of unique natural environment, with numerous high summits and spectacular gorges

Chania, Samaria Gorge
The longest gorge in Europe, with a unique, magnificent natural environment.

Imbros Gorge
The second most known gorge in Crete

Frangokastelo, Crete
A magnificent beach, a centuries-old Venetian castle, and a place of legends.

Apokoronas, Chania, Crete
A place of unique beauty and nature, with numerous magnificent villages.

Kourna Lake
The magnificent lake and its surrounding scenic landscape that show the other, hidden face of Crete.

Aptera, Crete
A powerful city-state of ancient Minoan Crete, and the most important ancient trading hub in the island.

Balos, Crete
A tropical lagoon and a beach of extreme beauty in Northwest Crete

Falasarna, Crete
A stunning beach and one of the most important ports of ancient Crete

Elafonisi, Crete
The place that combines successfully a magnificent tropical beach with a rare protected natural environment.

Ilingas, Crete
A secluded beach in Southwest Crete full of pleasant surprises

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